American Muscle Burger

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It’s a legit cheeseburger. It’s bomb. No sacrificing, literally just choosing better options. I have so many versions of the cheese you can do as well! Or keep it simple and use the one listed in the ingredients! This is a great meal, it’s filling, and satisfies that craving for food you’re not supposed to be able to eat.


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Josiah Wiens

Josiah Wiens

Hi! My name is Josiah and Make Your Meals Epic is my passion project to solve the biggest issue I have faced in the fitness industry; “I want to eat healthy but I also love Lasagna!” There is this idea that if you want to eat healthy then you have to eat boring, sucky food, and never get the things you love like pizza, lasagna, mac & cheese, steak, cookies, muffins and these fun exciting meals other people get to eat. My goal with MYME is to make you into the best chef of you and your friends! I want you to become passionate about cooking in a way that is enjoyable, educational, and help you eat food in the best way!